Paragliding Instruction

Paragliding instruction
Jackson Hole Paragliding offers first class instruction. Our team of experienced and professional instructors make learning to paraglide enjoyable and safe. Student pilots are encouraged to learn at their own pace, but the learning curve here is accelerated because of the amount of vertical available. Students who earn their ratings here can be confident in their ability to fly successfully in a variety of conditions and sites.

JHPG students are able to augment and accelerate their training with SuperFly in SLC, UT. This allows students the opportunity to get flights at the world famous Point of the Mountain flying site.

Instructional packages: 
Beginner package: $1,200
2 Instructional Tandem Flights
2 + solo flights under Instructor supervision using our gear
“Art of Paragliding” Training Manual
Beginner Written Test
USHPA Beginner Pilot Rating

Novice Package: $2,400
2 Instructional Tandem Flights
“Art of Paragliding” Training Manual
35 plus solo flights under Instructor supervision. Gear supplied by JHPG
Reserve Parachute clinic
Novice written test
USHPA Novice Pilot Rating

Advanced Ratings: $150
Day of mountain flying to evaluate flying skills and judgement
P-3 or P-4 Written test
USHPA Intermediate or Advanced Rating

Pay per session, includes gear: $200

Guide Service, have your own gear: $95 per session.

Reserve Re-packs: How long has it been since your last re-pack? $50

Tandem Certification Clinic: $400
Instructor Certification Clinic: $400