Paragliding Sites

Check in with Local Pilots Before Flying Theses Sites!!

Curtis Canyon

 One of the best views for ridge soaring in the Country; Curtis Canyon faces the full Teton Range and if the wind is right is soarable until the sun sets behind them.

How to get there:
Drive through the Elk Refuge and turn up towards Curtis Canyon. After 4 switch backs you will see an obvious turn out (just before a campground) which is on top of a bald knoll facing the Tetons.Launch here or hike up to the S for 5 minutes for the high launch.
Conditions for flying:
West to WNW winds are best. 12 – 18 mph
East Grosse Ventre Butte

Situated above town and across from Snow King, this is another site that allows for soaring from varied wind directions.

How to get there:
Park at Karns Meadow and hike up the SE ridge.
Conditions for flying:
SW for a concave bowl with good lift usually located on the nw side of the bowl, or S for a broad face with consistent lift and a nice lip to surf.
Grand Targhee Resort

Unfortunately Grand Targhee Resort is closed to flying, No Access Allowed!

Chair access and some of the best views of the Tetons, from the west, make this an excellent area to experience thermals with an expert tandem pilot.Conditions can get very strong during the day and the site is technical for landing.

How to get there:
Follow the signs to Grand Targhee Resort and seek out assistance from local pilots; this is a serious site.
Conditions for flying:
West Winds
 High School Butte

Respect the Private Property No Trespassing Signs at the top of the Hill.

No Landings on the athletic fields during games or practices.

A pleasant hike up leaves many options for launching, and landings are in big fields easily visible below.If the wind is strong this is a soarable hill. Sometimes mid-day has seen experienced pilots take High School Butte to Cloudbase and beyond.

How to get there: Park at Middle School and hike up trail. Conditions for flying:
South to West winds. No wind to 18 mph.
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

This is THE site for tandem flights and mountain flying in Jackson Hole. Access is easy via the JH Mountain Resort Arial Tram elevating tandem passengers to 10,450′, over 4000′ feet of vertical in only 12 minutes. Then launch with your tandem pilot for a beautiful ride over Jackson Hole.

This is also a good site for mid-day XC pilots.

The top of JHMR is another difficult Jackson lee side thermal site that requires knowledge of convergent thermal conditions and mountain flying. There is often a fine line between going up and getting rotored from wind over the back.

Look at our Clinic pages for opportunities to learn more about mountain thermals and big air flying!

How to get there:
Follow the signs to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.
Conditions for flying:
This is a lee side thermal paragliding site.Because of that we need SE – SSW winds, no wind, or very light West. If there is a strong west wind (over the back) there will be no flying. If it is light enough the thermals out front will allow for launching.
Nelson’s Butte

Located just south of the Rafter ‘J’ subdivision, this sites faces the Snake River range and produce consistent Glass-off conditions through out the summer

How to get there:
Drive south of town. Park at LVE.
Conditions for flying:
Southwest winds
Snow King Resort

Snow King Mountain Resort is currently CLOSED to flying due to insurance issues.

Landing zones are regulated based on time of day, day or week, or special use. Please check with the local club for details about launch and landing procedures.

How to get there:
Park at base and take Gondola up to launch.
Conditions for flying:
North West Wind.